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Celixir Partners with TMC Life Sciences Bhd and Thomson to Change the Standard of Medical Care for Patients in Southeast Asia.
Cardiff, 5 August 2016 Download PDF

Partnership will accelerate access to investigational regenerative medicines for more than 10 million patients in Southeast Asia.

CARDIFF 5 August, 2016 – Celixir (formerly Cell Therapy Limited) has recently announced a partnership with TMC Life Sciences Bhd (TMCLS) and its associated company, Thomson Medical (Thomson) to accelerate the discovery and development of life-changing and lifealtering regenerative medicines. Under the terms of the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), Celixir will develop educational programmes to train medical professionals in
regenerative medicine in partner hospitals (TMCLS and Thomson). In turn TMCLS and Thomson will provide access to a pan-Asia development, clinical trials and hospital network. Celixir will expand its epigenetic research in heart failure and Kawasaki disease within the Southeast Asian patient population and aims to conduct clinical trials in Malaysia and Singapore.

“Celixir’s partnership with Thomson and TMCLS accelerates access to Heartcel for more than 10 million heart failure patients in Southeast Asia”, said Ajan Reginald, Chief Executive Officer, Celixir. “Asia is a strategically important region for Regenerative Medicines with faster regulatory pathways and rapidly growing markets. Our partners Thomson and TMCLS, are the high quality, rapidly expanding private medical group in Southeast Asia. We share a commitment to make the most innovative medicines available to patients in Asia.”

Mr Roy Quek, chairman of Thomson Medical added, “Our stem cell research and development partnership with Celixir is part of Thomson’s larger strategic vision to develop new and stronger capabilities to deliver higher quality medical care and outcomes. Celixir shares our vision of building a better and healthier tomorrow for patients”.

In May 2016, Celixir granted the Japan license for its innovative cardiac regeneration medicine, Heartcel (immunomodulatory progenitor [iMP] cells) to Daiichi Sankyo, who will undertake all development, regulatory and commercial activities for iMP cells in Japan only.

About Celixir

Celixir (formerly known as Cell Therapy Limited) is a private British regenerative medicine company that discovers and develops life-saving and life-altering regenerative medicines for patients with the greatest medical need. Celixir, founded in 2009, is made up of a worldclass team of scientists and biopharmaceutical executives, led by Nobel Laureate Professor Sir Martin Evans and former Roche Global Head of Emerging Technologies, Ajan Reginald. Celixir’s unique platform technology allows them to adopt an ‘off-the-shelf’ approach to deliver regenerative medicines to patients.

About Heartcel

Heartcel consists of immunomodulatory progenitor (iMP) cells, a cardiac-specific cellular medicine which has successfully completed European Phase 2 trials. iMP cells are designed to treat patients with ischaemic heart disease – ischaemic cardiomyopathy – undergoing coronary artery bypass graft (CABG). They are injected around cardiac scar tissue via a single application during bypass surgery. iMP cells have been designated as an advanced therapeutic medicinal product by the European Medicines Agency. Additional trials for heart failure are set to begin in early 2017. A Phase 2 trial in Kawasaki disease is also planned.

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