Dr Sabena Sultan
Global Head of Research

Sabena Sultan is the Global Head of Research at Celixir. She assumed the role in 2011 and has lead R&D from Celixir’s formation.

Initially, Sabena had responsibility for Discovery, Research and Development. This role included: completing the pre-clinical development of two ATMP products (Heartcel and Tendoncel), completing IRB, ethics and trial initiations and conducting two Phase II trials in EU.

With the Celixir’s expansion, Sabena has focused on research. She has successfully completed a new EU approved GMP manufacturing process, opened a new GMP facility and gained MHRA clinical trial approval for Heartcel and Phase IIb trial design.

Under Sabena, Research & Development functions have grown from 3 FTEs in one lab to ~40 FTEs and partners in U.K., EU, Canada and Singapore.

Prior to joining Celixir, Sabena held a Principal Investigator grant with British Heart Foundation at Kings College London, gained industry experience with Syngenta as a cross-sectoral fellow and undertook her postdoctoral training at the Rayne Institute, University College London.

Sabena gained her Ph.D. in cardiovascular biology from Imperial College London.

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